Safety Program Mentorship for Ontario

You and your company have started the process to develop and implement a Health & Safety Management System or already have one in place; now you need the person to run it and maybe that person has been hired or possibly been promoted to the new position of company Health & Safety representative from internally. 

It’s great if the person selected already has the experience but what if they don’t? What is the process that your company has in place to train them, and if you don’t have the expertise or the time to guide, help and/or mentor them in this field, then what do you do?

That is where AC4C Safety Solutions can help. Our Safety Consultants provide Safety Program Mentorship for the new person taking over your Health & Safety Management System. We work with them on everything starting with what courses are needed and getting them certified.

Some of the other guiding components of the mentorship process are as follows:

  • Contractor Compliance Databases; e.g. ISN, Avetta, ComplyWorks, BROWZ, etc.
  • Documentation Set-up or Re-design
  • Health & Safety Management System
    • Developing and implementation
    • Maintaining the existing program by review, revision, updating, etc..
  • Orientations
  • Program Development
    • Driver Safety
    • Journey Management
    • Sub-Contractor – 3rd Party Pre-Qual
  • Tracking & Matrix Systems
  • Training for employees

We believe in providing the mentee with the ground work, knowledge and tools to successfully succeed in their role as the Health & Safety Representative for their company.

Ontario Safety Program Mentorship


ERS – John R. – H & S Manager:

Cylvia was brought into our company to guide me into the position of the Health and Safety Manager. Her vast knowledge and experience in workplace safety made transitioning to this role very easy.

She provided me with all the guidance and knowledge I required. She believed in me and gave me the confidence to lead in my own unique way. Two years later, Cylvia continues to offer me guidance and reassurance whenever I need her. I could not have asked for a better mentor.