Ontario Gap Analysis

Is your company in the process of applying for a COR™ certification but not sure if your company can pass a Health & Safety Management System Audit (HSMS) AND you don’t want to pay the full price of a Safety audit to find out?

AC4C Safety Solutions offers a GAP Analysis option. Your company’s HSMS is guided by your manual, which we can review for you in accordance with your chosen certifying partnership and jurisdictions. Our analysis will tell you if you have all of the right safety components in place. We will assess the gaps in your current health and safety program and tell you what needs to be done in order to achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR)™. We’ll tell you where you stand element by element and question by question. We’ll tell you what you need to do to meet audit requirements this is provided to you with a written report of the outcome of the GAP Analysis.

We will utilize the material you provide our office and include a quote to make any revisions to include missing components if necessary to meet current legislation and criteria.

AC4C Safety Consultants can review your health & safety manual and perform a GAP Analysis on the basis of the following certifying partnership but not limited to:

Ontario Construction Safety Association

BC Construction Safety Alliance

Alberta Construction Safety Association

Alberta Safety Council

Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (AB & BC)

Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

AC4C Safety Solutions Gap Analysis

When you hire AC4C Safety Solutions, you hire consultants that have actually managed health and safety programs. We’ll use our hands on experience to assess your specific program needs. Our recommendations will make sense to your organization and they will work.